Healthcare Facilities across the nation are

…faced with quite a dilemma–balancing the cost of accessing and properly managing state-of-the-art medical equipment technology with the ability to maintain and provide a high standard of patient care. Standardizing and upgrading medical equipment is essential to maintaining high-care standards, while on the other hand, the cost and complexity of enterprise equipment maintenance and management can divert valuable facility resources away from this core mission.

Partnering with Technical Life Care (a trusted third-party source) offers experienced people, state-of-the-art equipment technology access and proven equipment management processes can assist even the best-run facilities with maintaining that balance between managing equipment and providing a best-care environment for patients.

Implementing an Asset Equipment Management Program helps overcome the challenges of gaining access to state-of-the-art equipment technology, while reducing capital costs, operating expenses and equipment maintenance and management challenges.

TLC customized asset management programs allow customers a menu of options to choose on how best to manage existing and future assets. Technical Life Care is committed to working with each customer to determine the best approach for each unique healthcare facility.

• PM Repair
• Electrical Safety
• Depot Repair
• Appraisals
• Rent a Tech
• Consulting

  • Tracking and Documentation Tasks

  • 24 hour / 365 day call center and web request

  • Onsite technicians

  • Worry free equipment expenses

  • Life – Cycle Strategies

  • Help make purchasing decisions

  • Competitive rental fees

  • Uptime equipment availability

  • No over-billing issues

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