Biomedical Cart


  • 100 % Total Replacement Lifetime Guarantee
  • Ships fully assembled and ready to use
  • Custom Print Log
  • Available in 13 Colors
  • 5 inch Tente Nylon Enclosed Casters
  • Constructed from polyethylene and aluminum
  • Fully customizable using built-in tracks
  • Full extension soft close drawers
  • Superior maneuverability
  • Spacious flat workspace
  • Built-In Security Rail Top


Top Two 3″ Drawers:

24.1″ Wide X 3.25″ Head Space height (2.375″ Side Height) X 19.25″ Depth

Middle 6″ Drawer:

24.1″ Wide X 6″ Head Space height (5″ Side Height) X 19.25″ Depth

Bottom Two 9″ Drawers:

24.1″ Wide X 8.75″ Head Space height (7.75″ Side Height) X 19.25″ Depth

Additional Features of the Biomedical Cart

  • White HDPE Top with 1/2″ Lip incorporates provided Laptop and/or Screen Mount, ESA Mount and Parts Trays
  • White ACP with 6 Drawers
  • Key lock with 2 keys or electronic lock
  • 6 Drawers With Foam Custom Fit Drawer Liners and Two Drawers with Power, One with Drawer Divider Set, One with Label Keeper
  • Side Shelves with Glove Box
  • Holders and Custom Vacuum Shelf
  • Two Power Strips and Retractable Power Cord
  • Two Flip-Up Shelves with 15 lb. Weight Capacity Sticker
  • IV Pole 28 X 40 X 21 inches WHD

What is ACP?

Aluminum Composite Panel Makes Strong Carts Stronger.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP), also aluminum composite material (ACM), is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin aluminum sheets bonded to a non-aluminum core. This “sandwich” setup allows to achieve excellent mechanical performance at minimal weight. Aluminum can be painted or printed in any kind of color as well as patterns that imitate other materials, such as wood or marble.

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